Roll Off Dumpster Maintenance

Your roll-off dumpster rental will be sanitized before it is transported and dropped off at your place of business. Learn how you can keep your dumpster well-maintained while it is in your possession.

Follow The Waste Storage Guidelines

Your dumpster supplier will indicate which types of materials can safely be stored within your rental. Chemicals and any other hazardous materials will not be permitted. Your supplier can offer pointers, which will allow you to maximize the amount of space in your rental. They may also advise on ways to keep your dumpster clean and dry.

Liquids should never be poured directly into the dumpster, since doing so could draw pests and trigger offensive odors.

Use A Liner

Wood, shingles, packaging materials, and other dry products will not interfere with the cleanliness of the dumpster. If you will be disposing of leaves, clippings, and other yard waste, the use of a plastic liner will prevent wet vegetation from dirtying the inside of the dumpster.

The use of a plastic liner is also beneficial if you will be placing heavy bags of trash inside the dumpster. If a bag were to become torn while you are tossing it into the waste receptacle, the liner will collect any liquid waste that seeps out from the bag.

Use Disinfecting Strategies

Prepare a disinfecting plan that will remove foul odors and keep the garbage collection area clean. Use bleach and water to prepare a cleaning agent that will kill offensive odors. Apply the agent to the pavement that surrounds the dumpster. Use a scrub brush to remove stains.

If the inside of the dumpster begins to smell, wait until the dumpster is emptied by your service provider. Afterward, spray or pour a bleach and water mixture into the waste receptacle. Use a water hose to rinse the inside of the dumpster. Wait for the interior to dry, prior to adding trash to the dumpster.

Schedule Frequent Pickups

Leaving waste within the dumpster for a long duration may lead to the decomposition of trash. Decaying trash will smell bad, plus will provide a suitable breeding ground for flies and other pests. Schedule trash pickups on a frequent basis.

First, determine how often the rental dumpster fills up. Then, assess the types of waste that you typically dispose of. These details will help you prepare a pickup plan that will be suited for the waste that is generated at your place of business. For more information on roll-off containers, contact a company near you.

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