Don't Even Think About Hauling Biosludge Yourself: Hire A Dump Service

If you need biosolids, biosludge, or related materials hauled away from your worksite, your first thought might be that you could rent a trailer and take the drums or tanks containing the material to a hazardous waste drop-off point in the county. But that's actually not a good idea. You want to call a service that will haul everything away for you and that specifically handles materials such as biosolids. Not only is it easier to have someone else do this work, but it's also much safer.

They'll Have Appropriate Containment Procedures

The biosolids you need to have towed away may all be closed up in drums, tanks, or other special containers, but if you try to remove them, the trailer you're towing is in an accident, and the containers open, you may not know who to call or how to start containing the mess (or if you should even attempt it yourself). The drivers for these dump services are very aware of what they should or shouldn't do and of who to call if there is a problem.

They Know How Much They Can Really Take at Once

Dump trailers and the vehicles that tow them all have weight limits, and what you need taken away can't exceed those. In fact, you may find out that dump services don't want to even get close to the limit so that they don't push their vehicles to the limit. That means that if you have a lot to be taken away, you may need to arrange for two pickups. You may be thinking that you can just rent a trailer and make two trips, right? Technically, yes, but you don't know until you do all the math. The people who drive these trucks and trailers for the dump service have become very familiar with how their vehicles react to towing heavier loads, and they are good at telling when the trailer is carrying enough. They can work with you to arrange the correct number of pickups that you need. And at the same time, maybe you think you have enough for two pickups, but the driver discovers they can take everything at once. Either way, the guesswork you'd have to do is removed.

They Have Permits

This varies from region to region, but you may need a permit to haul the type of biosolids and sludge that you have. Finding out what you need isn't that complicated, but it increases waiting time, and there is always the risk that you missed something if you're not familiar with the permitting process. But a dump service that will pick up the biosolids and transport them away for you will already know what they need to be on the road with such materials, and they'll already have those permits. All you have to do is call for a pickup appointment and ensure there is room for the dump trailer.

Hiring a service to pick up garbage, waste, biosolids, and whatever else you need to have removed from your worksite is so much easier than trying to do everything yourself. When you look at the numbers, what you would spend in money and time doing the work yourself is so much more than it would cost to hire the service. And when they pick up that material and haul it away, you're done with it, once and for all.

For more information, contact a local company, like Duffield Hauling INC.

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