Let Your Old Office Furniture Live On Through Reuse

When it is time to remodel your offices, you may want to consider replacing the original office furniture with newer pieces that better fit the new design. There are some great options for old office furniture removal, and there are some nontraditional ways you get rid of the furnishings that you may want to consider. 

Give Employees First Option

When it comes time for office furniture removal and upgrades, you may want to consider asking your employees if they would like any of the furniture you are replacing before calling a junk service to haul it away. If there are pieces that are still in good shape, allowing your employees to take those pieces home for their home office or other use can be a great option. 

If you have employees that need some furnishings, this can be a great way to help and reduce the disposal cost for the company. If your employees do not want any of the furnishings, you can call an office furniture removal service or a junk hauling service to remove the items.

Donating Furniture

Old office furniture can be donated to any of the large thrift stores or charitable organizations in most areas. If you have a lot of it, they may take the donation and split the furniture up in multiple stores. Charitable donations do not pay you cash for the items you donate, but most organizations will offer you a receipt that you can use to write the donation amount off at tax time. 

Many times, the charitable organization will send a truck to help with the office furniture removal, but if you have a large number of items, let them know so they can send some additional help. Most groups are happy to have the donation and, in return, will send trucks and manpower to move the items for you. 

Selling Old Office Furniture

Another option to consider is having a sale at the office or listing all the furniture on an e-classifieds site. Sometimes the office sale is easier, but you may not reach as many people, so you may not sell all the old office furniture. 

Digital classifieds allow you to post pictures, describe the items, and negotiate pricing with potential buyers before they ever come to look at the items. If you sell half the furniture you list, you can donate the remaining items or call an officer furniture removal service or junk service to take the rest. 

It is also an excellent idea to check with your local trash removal service to see if they will pick up bulk material from the curb if you request it. Contact an office furniture removal service near you to learn more.

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