Why Companies With Organic Wastes Need To Hire Dump Trailers

Organic wastes are a huge issue for many companies. If your company generates tons of waste per day, you may need to hire dump trailers at some point in the near future. Here are some reasons to hire these pieces of equipment.

They're Versatile

Dump trailers come in two main designs: the back and the side dump. A back dump trailer has a hopper that is emptied by a hydraulically operated gate. It's ideal for heavy material that's difficult to lift or spread, like sludge, ash, and gravel. A side dump trailer, on the other hand, has a ramp that slides from the rear of the bed, a hopper with solid sides, and a removable gate to provide an easy way to unload material in smaller amounts. It uses a large door in the front of the hopper to remove waste, making it ideal for both lighter and heavier waste. The side dump design also allows the material to be unloaded from either side of the gates. The versatility of these trailers makes them perfect for food processing plants, restaurants, or grocery stores that need to dispose of their waste.

They Promote Safety

A big problem with organic wastes is that they often have sharp, jagged pieces or edges which can cause harm if not taken care of properly. Filling a truck bed full of chipped wood and sawdust may seem like a good idea at first, but it may turn into a pain in the neck and a potential road hazard if the debris falls out of the back and causes a road accident.

Dump trailers are designed with a large opening at the back which can be safely closed when not in use to prevent anything from falling from it while driving or being pulled along. They also have built-in storage compartments where organic waste can be held securely during transport. Using them will offer you an easy way to transport organic waste from one location to another without any hassle. 

They're Insured

Accidents and damages can happen when you least expect it. This is why dump trailers and roll-off containers are typically insured for the safety of your company. With these trailers, you can rest easy knowing that your company won't be charged for any damages that may occur during the transportation of waste materials.

Additionally, these trailers are handled by trained professionals who understand the proper procedures of handling and transporting waste material. They'll ensure your company's waste materials are safely and efficiently transported to the right locations.

There are many benefits to hiring dump trailers for organic wastes. They'll make the labor and transport processes more efficient for you, decrease pollution, and reduce costs. If you own a company that produces organic wastes, you should definitely hire these trailers. Contact a local dump trailer service, such as Duffield Hauling INC, to learn more.

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