Key Mistakes You Shouldn't Make After Renting a Dumpster

For years, commercial and residential property owners have been relying on dumpster rental services to dispose of different forms of waste. This service is reliable, convenient, and cost-effective compared to DIYing. 

However, many people don't take the time to know how to use dumpster rentals, making many mistakes. Knowing about such errors will help you use dumpster rentals correctly if you have decided to seek this service, so keep reading to learn more.

Placing the Dumpster at the Wrong Area

The area where you keep your dumpster rental should be big enough to accommodate it. However, most people rarely consider this when choosing a dumpster, so when it's delivered, they have no option but to place it in an unsuitable area, like the streets. When you do this, you will be required to get a permit from the council because the dumpster is on their land, which will cost you more. 

A good rule of thumb is to take measurements of your gate and yard space, then identify the best dumpster rental size. If the bin is large, it'll be better to place it next to the gate to make removal easier.

Placing the Wrong Items in a Dumpster Rental

Companies that offer dumpster rental services provide different bins for different types of wastes. This means you aren't allowed to place the wrong items in the bin. For instance, a bin that's intended for general garbage cannot accommodate construction waste. Besides, there are waste materials that shouldn't be placed in a dumpster rental at all. 

The disposal of such items is handled by specific companies that are licensed to offer that particular service. They include car batteries, paint, asbestos, poisonous chemicals, oil, flammable materials, and more. So, choose the bin that caters to your requirements and don't throw the wrong items into it.

Choosing to Burn Garbage in the Dumpster 

Another mistake people make is to burn garbage to have more space if the bin is almost full. But this isn't allowed even though it may seem like an excellent idea. In fact, companies that provide garbage removal services consider this to be illegal. Moreover, the burnt waste will start releasing toxic substances into the environment, meaning you'll be managing garbage irresponsibly.

When you notice the waste has reached the set fill level, be sure to call the removal company to pick the dumpster. Also, don't overfill dumpsters as it will make it difficult for the operators to transport the waste. Be sure to be responsible with your dumpster rental.

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